925 Silver DNA Motif Graduated Beads 2-Piece Jewelry Set


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DNA Weave & Bead Necklace

GEN14-NKLC-DNA - 180

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DNA Weave & Bead Bracelet


In stock

Additional Information

Weight190 g
HallmarkMexico 925
DimensionsThe necklace measures approximately 18 1/2" from end to end, and it weighs 129 grams.
The band measures almost 1" wide at its widest point.
The bracelet measures approximately 8 1/4" from end to end, and it weighs 61 grams.
The band measures 5/8" wide at its widest point.

Product Description

One of our most popular designs, the combination of sleek silver beads and a unique woven chain link band will make this 2-piece set a fresh and charming addition to any silver collection.

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