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925 Silver Oval Crinkle 3-Piece Jewelry Set


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Crinkle Oval Necklace

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Crinkle Oval Earrings


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Crinkle Oval Bracelet

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Additional Information

Weight117 g
DimensionsThe necklace measures 16" from end to end, and it weighs 75 grams.
The largest panel measures 1 3/4" tall x 1 1/4" wide, while the medium panels measure 1 1/2" long x 1" wide, and the smallest panels measure 1" long x 3/4" wide.
This bracelet measures 7 1/4" from end to end, and it weighs 30 grams.
The largest panel measures 1 1/2" tall x 1" wide, while the smaller panels measure 1" tall x 3/4" wide.
Each earring measures 2" tall (including the hook) x 1" wide, and they weigh 11 grams.

Product Description

This deco Taxco 3-piece set has a raised textured design on oval silver panels that are graduated in size. An unevenly applied oxidized finish adds depth and flair to this unique necklace.

Please examine the photos to see how the underside of the panels have been constructed.

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