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TEX22-NKLC-BDS - 480
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925 Silver Multi Strand Deco Bead 2-Piece Jewelry Set


Stunning texture
bracelet & necklace set…
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Multi-Stand Bead & Groove Necklace

TEX22-NKLC-BDS - 480

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Multi-Strand Bead & Groove Bracelet

TEX22-BRAC-BDS - 475

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Additional Information

Weight110 g
HallmarkMexico 925
DimensionsThe necklace offers a wearable length of approximately 17", and it weighs 80 grams.
The largest row of beads each measure approximately 1" in diameter (almost 1/4" wide).
The smallest row of beads each measure 1/2" in diameter (1/8" wide).
The total width of this piece measured with all 4 rows of beads taken together measures approximately 1 1/4" wide.
The bracelet offers a wearable length of 7", and it weighs 30 grams.
The beads each measure 1/2" in diameter (1/8" wide).
This piece measures 5/8" wide at its widest point.

Product Description

Silver beads and contoured silver panels demonstrate the finest of Taxco’s silver artistry in this multi-strand 2-piece set with stunning texture and sleek style. The engraved silver work has been punctuated by a niello-darkened finish.

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