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Please check this category occasionally to see the authentic vintage treasures we discover during our travels throughout Mexico!


Vintage Inspired

Explore our collection of artisan jewelry that has been inspired by the rich history and tradition of the silver renaissance  in Taxco Mexico in the early 1900s.



Throughout the history of mankind, animals have held powerful meaning and motifs in our lives.  Explore our vast collection of animal designs!



Our floral themed artisan jewelry is expansive in its design styles, and they come to life in the form of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and pendants!


High Drama

These statement pieces are sure to command the attention of all, and make you the center attraction of any event!


Mix & Match

Having troubles making a decision?   Why not mix and match some designs?   Please see some of our recommendations.


Modern Mexico

Check out our modern designs that can be worn with many outfit options, and they’re appropriate for a variety of occasions and events!


Silver Chains

Mexican Silver Store offers a large variety of chain link unisex designs – with special order size options, there is something for everyone!


The Classics

Some jewelry designs survive time and its ever evolving trends, and are always fashionable.  Enjoy our classics collection!


Filigree Earrings

Filigree is some of the most ornate, delicate and labor intensive design work found in jewelry.  We’re proud to offer you a huge selection of filigree earrings!


Navajo Style

Mexican artisans create stunning pieces that pay homage to the rich cultural history of indigenous Southwestern United States .


Poison Rings

Shop our selection of poison ring designs, with multiple inlay options to choose from as well as bands that allow for adjustable sizing!


Pressed Bead

Beaded jewelry is one of the most sought after jewelry styles, and we offer an array of pressed bead options – with choices in silver and copper!


Strung Beads

Beaded jewelry is one of the most sought after jewelry styles, and we offer an array of strung bead options – with choices in silver and copper!

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