We do offer discounted pricing in general to businesses as well as individual buyers. We don’t have a “wholesale” pricing catalogue. We simply encourage those interested to do the following:


Once you have created your list, please let us know, and we’ll take a look, and put together our best pricing for you based on the items you have selected. There is no set percentage of discount, and there is no order too small or too large to be considered. We simply put together our best price quote for the entire order based on what you have selected.


We have clients around the world who buy from us to re-sell, so we’re confident that if you take the time to do this, we can offer you an attractive price point.


If you’re not someone who enjoys creating accounts and wishlists, you can always just contact us directly through each item individually that you’re interested in, and we can work with you in that manner.


In addition to general discounted pricing, we also offer multiple-piece discount postings, with selected groups of pieces priced at great deals!  Please click for details.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have about our wholesale Mexican silver jewelry. We’re eager to assist you!

Did you select your desired color or style where options exist?

There are variants available that include:

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