Taxco925 Points Reward Program

You can place orders on our site as a guest, but you do need to register an account in order to take advantage of our Taxco925 Points Reward Program – it only takes a moment, and then you’re ready to gather cash credits on all future orders!

Our Taxco925 points reward program is quite simple:

  • For every $1.00 you spend, you earn 1 Taxco925 point.
  • For every 100 points you gather, a $5.00 credit can be redeemed on a future order by applying your points at the time of checkout.
  • You must reach the full 100 points in order to receive your credit.
  • Any unused portion of your points will carry over to your future balance.


  • If you place a $300.00 order, your account will have 300 points that you can use for a $15.00 discount on a future order.
  • If you place a $350.00 order, your account will have 350 points – you will be able to use 300 of those points on your next order for a $15.00 discount. The remaining 50 points will remain in your account, and you will add to those points with a future order.
  • If you are going to place a $1,000 order, and you currently have 350 points in your account that you want to redeem, you will be able to redeem 300.00 points for a $15.00 discount. If you do so, you will have 50 points left over in your account. The new discounted total for your $1,000.00 order will be $985.00. Once you complete the transaction, you will have 985 new points plus 50 points from before, for a total of 1035 points.


At the time of checkout, you will see a box where you can redeem your points as you wish. There are no restrictions – You can:

  • Apply them as you accumulate them.
  • You can save them and apply them all at once.
  • You can use them with any other existing coupons or promotion codes you have for our site.

***Wholesale accounts/orders are not eligible for the Taxco925 points reward system.***

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