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SLK17-NKLC-240 - 531
SLK17-BRAC-BDS - 520SLK17-ERRG-VAR - 524

Huge & Bold Silver Beaded 3-Piece Jewelry Set


Over-sized Silver Bead set
with bracelet, 240 gram necklace & earrings…
a 18% Discount!

Over-sized Silver Bead Bracelet

SLK17-BRAC-BDS - 522

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Over-sized Silver Bead Earrings

SLK17-ERRG-VAR - 524
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Over-sized 240 Gram Silver Bead Necklace

SLK17-NKLC-240 - 531

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Additional Information

Weight337 g
HallmarkMexico 925
DimensionsThe necklace measures approximately 24" from end to end, and it weighs 240 grams.
Each bead measures approximately 3" in circumference (3/4" wide).
The bracelet measures 8 1/2" from end to end, and it weighs 80 grams.
Each bead measures approximately 3" in circumference.
The earrings each measure approximately 1" in diameter, and they weigh 17 grams.

Product Description

Bold and beautiful, this 3-piece set features over-sized silver beads, uniform in size, strung on a silver chain.

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